Play Genie's Hi Lo Arcade Games Online at Australia

If you’re looking for super fun and super simple arcade games that give you plenty of ways to win and lots of online casino entertainment, then Genie's Hi Lo could be the choice for you. Played with a single deck, this fast-action game requires you to bet on the outcome of a single card turn – if you predict correctly, you take home a payday. It couldn’t be simpler!

And to double your bankroll right away before you even hit the casino games, there’s a 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) Bonus up for grabs for every new player that signs up and plays our real money games – giving you even more incentive to choose today.

How to Play

To play, set your wager amount and then choose a card from those on offer. This is the card that you will use to make your prediction. Consider the odds of the next card being higher or lower than the card you can see, and then indicate your preference by clicking on your preferred option. Note: Aces are considered to be the lowest card in the pack and have a point value of 1.

You can also bet on whether the next card will be red or black, and you can bet on both the hi/lo and red/black options if you wish. To win when you play Genie's Hi Lo, your predictions must be 100% right – so if you choose to double up your bets, both must come through for you to receive a payout.

If you guess correctly, you have two choices; you can either continue on to the next level, or you can collect your winnings straight away. If you choose to continue on, for every answer you get right, your payout will increase. But guess wrongly, and the game is over; you will lose your winnings for that game and start a new round – so make sure you choose carefully. The Game Record on the left of your screen displays all your recent game history so you can use this to keep track of your movements and your winnings.

Game Strategy and Tips

As with all games of chance, there are no 100% foolproof ways to win, but you can improve your edge by taking note of some basic tips and tricks that will help your overall experience.

Use your card knowledge: as Genie Hi Louses a standard single deck of cards when you play, you can use your knowledge of the cards to help you figure out the possible outcomes for the next card turn.

Choose wisely: You can continue trying to predict the outcome, increasing your potential payout each time, up to a total of eleven rounds in any one game. This may mean some decent paydays – but make sure you only continue if the odds are in your favour. Lots of smaller wins are better than going for gold – and falling at the last card turn.

Know your limits: whatever games you like to play, you should always set yourself time and money limits – and stick to them. Decide the maximum amount of time you wish to play, the maximum spend you’re willing to invest, and what you want to do with you winnings. This will maximize your experience and help you to keep your bankroll healthy, and your playing time fun and enjoyable.