Play Frankie’s Fantastic 7 Arcade Games Online at Australia

An intriguing mix of cards and horse betting, Frankie’s Fantastic 7 is a thrilling game with lots of betting options and multiple ways to win – and as a new player at our online casino, you get even more for your money with a 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) Bonus.

When you play Frankie’s Fantastic 7 arcade games, you bet on the outcome of a seven-horse race – but even though the game is simple to learn, the complex betting options and various game elements in play make this an exciting and interesting choice for even the most discerning casino games enthusiast.

Horses and Cards

In total, there are seven horses in the game, with names such as Fatefully and Wall Street. Each horse has its own lane, and each lane consists of a number of steps. The lanes have a different number of steps in them - for instance, Lane 1 has 4 steps while Lane 3 has 6 steps – and the payouts reflect this accordingly. The harder it is for the horse to win, the higher the payout – so bear this in mind when you’re making your bets.

Each horse has cards dealt for them, placed face up in the left side of their lane. The cards are drawn and the winning horse of each draw moves forward one step. If two or more horses show the same high rank, then the winner is decided by looking at the suit. In this instance, spades ranks as the highest suit, followed by hearts, then diamonds and then clubs. If the horses show the same rank and suit, both horses move forward.

To win the game, your horse must be first to reach the finish line. If the final step has two winners, with both horses moving forward at the same time as described above, then you still win but as it is a tie, you only receive half of the listed payout. But watch out for the joker card, as this will eliminate your horse from the race.

How to play

When you play Frankie’s Fantastic 7, there are two decks including two jokers in play. Place your bet and set your coin limit for each bet to start; you can bet on multiple horses if you choose to increase your odds of winning.

To bet on any horse, click on the betting area next to its lane. To help you choose, the betting odds are clearly displayed, and link directly to the number of steps each horse has to take to complete their lane and reach the finish line. You have the option of seeing your odds in either decimal or fractional form – simply choose which suits your tastes to personalize your game.

You can also bet on lanes if you prefer:

Top Evens: this bet wagers that a winning horse in one of the top three lanes will win.

Bottom Evens: this wager bets that a horse from one of the bottom three lanes will win.

When you have placed your bets, click the Race button and wait for the result. You will get to watch several rounds, with the game ending only when a horse crosses the finish line or your horse is disqualified by a joker. At the end of the game, any winnings due to you will be automatically placed in your bankroll.