Play Final Score Arcade Games Online at Australia

If you love football, whether it’s playing or watching or both, then you’ll enjoy the thrills and spills of this atmospheric game. When you play Final Score casino games, you draw up a fixture between two top football sides and then bet on the outcome, making this a multi-layered game with plenty to offer – including a number of ways to win.

You can bet on home wins, away wins or a draw, or for extra fun and a bit more precision, you can try some of the more adventurous bets such as correct score and total goal scores. There is a range of special bets for you to choose from, with each designed to bring a little something extra to your game. And if you’re new to our online casino, you will also benefit from our exclusive Welcome Bonus offer of 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) Bonus playing arcade games.

How To Play

Start by picking your league; you will find a list of countries and under each country, a list of the national leagues. Countries available include England, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, France, Germany, and Holland; choose which you want to play with, and then select your preferred league.

Next, click Continue and you’ll go to a new page. The drop down list at the top of the screen displays the home and away teams that you can choose to play with. Once this is completed, it’s time to place your bets and play.

Indicate your bet amount by clicking on the coloured chips and decide on your bets. You can bet multiple chips and place multiple bets if you wish; just make sure you stay within the limits of your bankroll. Once you’ve made your selections, click Bet Now button to start the match.

For a faster game, the AutoBet option enables you to set up the requirements for up to 10 matches to be played in a row. Another option is Turbo Bet; this increases the speed of the game. For added convenience, you can use the Repeat Bet to replicate any previous bets.

Once the match is underway, you can view the highlights on screen. You don’t see the entire game, but you will see the goals scored and be able to see a commentary. When the final whistle blows, you will see the Final Score, and have any winnings due to you paid directly to your bankroll.

Bets and Payouts

There are a variety of bets you can choose from, and you can place multiple bets to increase your spread and improve your odds of winning. These are some of the most popular options:

Match bet: this is a wager that either the home side or the away side will win the game, or that it will end in a draw. To place your match bet, choose your preferred option in the Match Betting area.

Correct score: this is a wager on the final score; you have to guess the exact score to win. To place a Correct Score bet, choose one or more of the available options in the Home To Win, Draw and Away To Win headings in the Correct Score Betting areas.

Total Goals: place this is you want to try and predict the total number of goals that scored by the two teams combined. It does not mater who wins the match or who scores the goal; only the correct total counts. To place a Total Goals bet, select your preferred option in the Total Goals betting area.