Play Dice Twister Arcade Games Online at Australia

This popular online casino game of chance provides players with an exciting alternative to the standard games on offer. It’s a great alternative for casino games players that enjoy other dice games such as online Craps and online Sic Bo, and it is easy to learn, so you can get to the heart of the action right away.

The concept is simple; you place a wager on the outcome of a single three-dice roll, and if you predict correctly, you win. The action is fast, the betting opportunities numerous, and the overall experience is fun. There is also a 100% Welcome Bonus of up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) for any new player that signs up and joins our real money tables today.

How to play Dice Twister

The screen might look complicated on first glance, but once you understand its format you’ll realise that this is an easy game to learn that also offers plenty of excitement and thrills. The screen is split up into the playing area, the outcome display, your various bet options and previous game results.

There are three dice in play, and your role is to try and predict the total points value that the sum of the dice makes when they are rolled. To make a bet, hover over your bet of choice and click on the + and – arrows to indicate your wager amount. Once you have made your bets, click on ‘Spin’ and watch the game play out. You can see up to three previous results in the nine-square grid above the dice.

Bets & Payouts

There are multiple betting options available to you when you choose to play Dice Twister arcade games – but unlike craps, all of the outcomes are decided in a single roll. The bets you can make are as follows:

Total: when you opt for this bet, you are wagering your money on guessing the exact sum of the three dice rolled. These bets show on the left of your screen, with the corresponding payout for each bet shown in brackets underneath the total.

Hi/Mid/Lo: go for this option if you want to try and predict what range the sum of the three dice will fall into. Choose Hi if you think the numbers will be somewhere between 13 and 18 (for a 3.5x payout), Mid for a total between 9 and 12 (and a x2 payout), and Lo for a total of 8 or less (with a 3.75x payout).

Exact number: Like a Straight bet in online Roulette, this is a bet on a single number showing in the roll. Your payout depends on the number of times your chosen number shows, so if your number shows more than once, you will receive a bigger payout, up to 15x your original wager. One of a kind pays x2, two of a kind pays x3, and three of a kind pays x15.

Odd/Even/Mix: Like Roulette, this is a bet that the dice rolled will be all odd or all even – but you can also bet that the roll will display a mix of both.