Play Darts Arcade Games Online at Australia

If you’re looking for a change from the usual online slots, online Blackjack and online Roulette games, and want to try something that’s far less complicated but just as much fun, then give our Darts game a try.

This arcade games classic uses a virtual dartboard, and the aim of the game is to bet where three randomly thrown darts will land! You can make multiple bets on the outcome, and if you guess correctly, you will be paid out directly to your bankroll. Simple but fun, this is classic online arcade games entertainment with the added benefit of being able to play for real money.

How to play Darts

The virtual dartboard is based on a traditional board you would see in a pub or friend’s house, and it displays a single ring, a double ring, a treble ring, an outer bull (worth 25 points) and the infamous Bullseye (worth 50 points). Each section contains a number, which is displayed on the outer edge of the dartboard.

When you play Jackpot Darts at our online casino, you are making a prediction on the outcome of a three-dart throw. The bet menu is shown in the upper right of your screen and this displays the various bet options available to you, with the corresponding payout multiplier also shown next to each bet choice. You can also see the odds when you hover your cursor over each bet option.

To get started, select your bet amount by clicking on the chip of choice in the lower right area of your screen, and then select which bet you wish to place and hit Confirm. You can place up to five bets in any Darts round and the total amount you have wagered is displayed in the Total Bet box; simply hit Throw when you’re ready to play. The bets that you can place include:

Sections: You can predict that any of the three darts thrown will hit a particular section of the dartboard; your choices are the single, double or treble rings. You can also bet on the Inner Bull or Outer Bull.

Combination: showing in the upper left part of the game window, this is a wager that the darts will hit a particular combination a certain number of times (0-3). There are various combinations you can bet on, and these include colours, dartboard sections or dartboard rings.

Mid/Hi/Lo: These bets wager that the outcome will fall into the specified range.

Play for Real Money

To play Darts and other casino games for real money, sign up a account and make an initial deposit. It takes just minutes to open an account: click on Play for Real Money, fill out the web form, read and agree to the terms and conditions and then click Create – it’s as easy as that!

All our new players can claim a Welcome Bonus of 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) Bonus; this special tiered bonus is awarded over several small match-up bonuses, making your bankroll stretch further when it’s convenient for you. You can claim your bonus when you make your initial deposit; simply click on Accept when the option pops up on your screen.