Play Bonus Bowling Arcade Games Online at Australia

If you’re a big fan of traditional bowling alleys and would like to incorporate this exciting game into your time playing at your favourite online casino, then why not give our Bonus Bowling game a try? It’s an easy game to learn but entertaining to play, and gives you the feel of a real bowling alley in the comfort of your own home – with the addition of cash prizes up for grabs!

Bonus Bowling Game Play & Betting Options

To play, simple decide how many pins you think will be knocked down across two throws, specify how much you would like to bet, and then watch the game play out. Boasting state of the art graphics and animations, as well as realistic sound effects, this is a truly atmospheric game.

Games rules & our software

When you start playing Bonus Bowling arcade games, you first need to decide how many pins you want bet the virtual bowler will knock down across two throws of the bowling ball. The options are available to you on the right hand side of our screen; simply select your choice and then specify your bet amount.

You can wager that the bowler will knock down 0-3 pins, 4-6 pins, or 7-9 pins. You can also bet that they will throw a ‘spare’ (this means to knock down all ten pins across two throws) or a strike (to knock down all ten pins at once in the initial throw). As an exciting twist, you are not limited to a single bet but you can make multiple bets when you play Bonus Bowling.

Note: The bowler can also roll a ‘gutterball’ – which means they will miss all of the pins – but you cannot bet on this option. If this happens, all bets lose and you will lose your original bet.

To help you decide which bet to place, the odds for each are clearly stated next to the bet fields. Use this information to inform your decision and place the bet that best suits your playing style and personality. Once your bets are in place, hit ‘Throw’ to set the game in motion and watch the two throws play out.

Bets and payouts

When it comes to how much you can bet on Bonus Bowling casino games, the wager you can place depends on which prediction you have selected. For instance, you can bet as low as $0.10 on any prediction, but up to a maximum of $50 on a prediction of 0-3 pins being hit, up to $25 on 4-6, and up to $20 on 7-9. You can only bet a maximum of $10 on a spare, and $4 on a strike.

Seeing as you can make multiple bets when you play Bonus Bowling, you can use this knowledge of minimum and maximum limits to your advantage to make your bets fill a wider spread while keeping your bets low and in line with your bankroll.

Payouts are as follows: you get 2x your bet amount for predicting 0-3 pins correctly, 3x your bet amount for predicting 4-6 pins correctly, and 5x for predicting 7-9 pins. If you selected Spare and this wins, you receive a massive 10x your original bet amount. A strike will award you 25x your bet amount.