Play Around the World Arcade Games Online at Australia

This exciting high/low numbers game is a retro arcade favourite, noted for its enticing travel theme. Be like Phileas Fogg and travel the world via your online casino (only without leaving the comfort of your own home) and try to snare yourself a payday as you go by trying to guess whether the next number in a sequence will be higher or lower than the previous one. Overall, this is a fun and rewarding game that is perfect for any travel-loving player that wants to take a break from the standard casino games offered online and try something a little different.

Getting started & games rules

The arcade game of Around the World is easy to learn and simple to play, making it a popular choice with players wanting to get straight to the heart of the action. It features a big on-screen spinning wheel resembles a compass, and on the wheel a host of numbers and letters show.

How you play is pretty straightforward; a number is spun and your aim is to correctly predict whether the next number will be higher or lower so you can move around the board, visiting different cities for the chance to earn increasingly generous payouts. Click on the option you want to bet on, set your bet amount (between $0.10 and $100) and then set the game in motion. If you manage to predict the outcome correctly, you will move towards one of the cities and closer to a payout.

As an exciting twist, you are allowed to make a mistake or ‘strike’. However, you can make only one strike; make a second mistake before reaching one of the cities, you lose the game and have to start over again. Every fifth guess will land you on a city and clear any strikes you may have accumulated. If you manage to reach a city without any strikes, you win and receive a multiplier. If you arrive with one strike, you still win but you do not receive the multiplier.

Other opportunities you can be awarded on the spinner include:

Remove Strike: this will remove any strike you may have and allow you to continue with a fresh slate

Advance Step: hit this and you’ll move along one step closer to your city and multiplier; you make your next prediction/bet based on the same number.

Advance One Level: This advances you directly to your next city.

Around the World Payouts

When you play this arcade game, you can receive a payout every time you reach one of the cities. On reaching the city, you will see a popup that asks whether you want to collect your winnings or keep going in an attempt to try and reach another city for a bigger multiplier. If you reach a city with a strike, your payout will be even money, no matter which city you reach. However, if you reach a city without a strike the multipliers are as follows:

Paris: reach this without making a mistake to receive a 2.5x multiplier (2.5x your bet amount)

New York: reach this without making mistakes for 3x your bet

Beijing: this will award you a 3.5x multiplier of you do not have any strikes when you arrive

London: as your final destination, this awards a 4x multiplier for a flawless finish.

However, if you decide to continue from city to city without collecting your payout and you pick up two strikes, you will go bust and come away with nothing.