Responsible Gaming

For the majority of casino players, online gaming is a form of entertainment that they can enjoy anytime. Unfortunately a small minority fall below the legal age to play or may develop an addiction. As a responsible gaming provider we at are committed to creating a responsible and safe online casino gaming environment for our members who use our betting services.

Staff Awareness

At, as part of our ongoing efforts, responsible gaming is one of our most important and main priorities. It is our responsibility to you, to ensure our staff are trained to recognise responsible gaming issues and to take the necessary steps to ensure that our casino players have an enjoyable experience on

We educate our staff to recognise responsible gaming patterns and in order to assist our players in gaming responsibly we provide a selection of options to help you:

  • Self exclusion
  • Direct Links to responsible gambling organisations
  • Tools and management systems to protect against compulsive gamblers

Protecting underage users

Nobody under the age of 18 is allowed to play our games. If you are worried that under 18s may use your computer to play our games, try any of the following steps:

  • Do not leave children unattended near your computer when the casino or poker room software is running
  • Use child protection software, such as Cyberpatrol, to block gaming sites from under 18s
  • Do not allow persons under 18 to participate in any gambling activity.
  • Don't share your credit card or bank account details with under 18s
  • Do not use the 'Save Password' option on login screens.
  • Create separate profiles for everyone who uses your computer, so that nobody else can access your information

If you know someone under the age of 18 who is registered with us, please contact us immediately at where we will refer the matter to the relevant authorities.

Please note that anyone under 18 will not be able to keep any winnings that they may generate.

Parental Controls

There are a number of third party applications that parents or guardians can use to monitor or restrict the use of their computer's access to the Internet:

  • Net Nanny filtering software protects children from inappropriate web content
  • CYBERsitter filtering software allowing parents to add their own sites to block

10 Rules of Responsible Gambling

The majority of online casino players gamble within their means, but for some it can spiral out of control. When playing our games, keep in mind the following:

  • If you choose to gamble, do it for entertainment purposes only
  • Treat the money you lose as the ‘cost’ of your entertainment and treat any winnings as a bonus
  • Set a time limit and stick to it. Stop playing at the appointed time, whether you are winning or losing
  • Set a budget and stick to it. Decide not only what you can afford to lose but also how much you want to spend. Do not change your mind after losing
  • Expect to lose. The odds are against you. Accept loss as part of the game
  • Become educated about the warning signs of problem gambling. The more you know, the better choices you can make
  • Make it a private rule not to gamble on credit. Do not borrow money to gamble
  • Create balance in your life. Gambling should not interfere with or substitute for friends, family, work or other worthwhile activities
  • Avoid ‘chasing’ lost money. The chances are that the more you try to recoup your losses, the larger your losses will be
  • Don’t gamble as a way to cope with emotional or physical pain. Gambling for reasons other than entertainment can lead to problems

How to control your gambling?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is gambling interfering with your work or other responsibilities?
  • Are you trying to make up for previous gambling losses?
  • Are you recovering from an addictive disorder?
  • Do you gamble under the influence of alcohol or other influences?
  • Have you ever gambled to escape worry, trouble or boredom?

People with a compulsive gambling problem are likely to answer 'yes' to some of these questions. If you need more help, get in touch with one of the following organisations:

Gamble Aware
Gamblers Anonymous
Gambling Therapy

Gambling Management Tools

Gambling Management Tools are easy to set and help you control the amount you put into your account over a particular time period. In order to set up a limit for your gaming activity, please contact our support team and they will happily set your limits as per your request. We can set daily, weekly and monthly limits as per your request on the following:

  • Deposit limits
  • Loss limits (loss limits can also be set per a gaming session)
  • Bet limits (bet limits can also be set per a gaming session)
  • Session limits (session limits will, depending on your request, be for any time period between 10-120 minutes in increments of 10 minutes - on reaching the limit, you will have the option to log out or continue playing)

The daily, weekly and monthly limits apply only to the brand on which they have been requested and set and begin on the date and time requested by you, and will be reset once your requested period has expired. For example, if you ask for a monthly deposit limit of $200 on 10th January, from this date until the 10th February, you will not be able to exceed your limit of $200. After 10th February, your monthly limit will be reset and you will be able to deposit an additional $200, or any other sum you specify, until the 10th of March... and so on. Should you require a limit being set on more than one account that you hold with the Mansion Group, please notify Customer Support.

Please be aware that limits set by you and implemented by are for your protection and should you wish to increase a limit (eg. Increase your monthly deposit limit amount), there will be a 24 hour cooling off period prior to your request being actioned by our Customer Support team. Should you wish to decrease a limit (eg, reduce your monthly deposit limit amount for reduced gambling), this will be done as soon as possible by our Customer Support team.

It is a player’s responsibility as well as the casino’s to ensure set limits are adhered to. If a player makes a successful deposit that exceeds his requested deposits limit, the casino will hold the funds exceeding the prescribed limit until the player is eligible to play with these funds in accordance with the limits set. Please do not attempt to circumvent limits set on your account by creating an account with another of the Mansion Group online casino brands, the casino will not be held liable for any losses incurred under such circumstances.

Please note that when requesting any form of special limit by email, your email should always be acknowledged by us with an auto-reply email, providing you with an incident reference number. We then follow this up with another email, confirming that the limits have been set and provide you with responsible gambling information. Your special limit is only considered to be effective once you have received a confirmation email from If you have requested a special limit but have not received a confirmation email, please contact Customer Support immediately.

If you request a special limit by telephone, you will also receive a confirmation email. Again, please inform Customer Support immediately if you have not received confirmation as this means that the limit may not have been set.

Access Control Level 1 – Cooling Off and Time Out Period

Should you think that you need a break from gambling, please contact our support team immediately and ask them to temporarily close your account, specifying for how long you wish for your account to be closed. You can choose any period of time up to a maximum of six months.

Once you have elected to close your account for the time period specified, you will receive a confirmation email from us within 24-48 hours:

  • Confirming that your account has been frozen
  • Specifying the start and end date of the account freezing
  • Confirming that you will be automatically removed from all marketing lists for the cooling off period
  • The procedure to re-open your account after the cooling off period
  • The email will also contain responsible gambling information and links for your benefit

Access Control Level 2 – Self Exclusion

If the situation is more serious, you may wish to exclude yourself from gambling for an extended period of time. You can contact customer support at any time requesting self exclusion for any period of time from 6 months and upwards.

Once you have elected to self exclude, you will receive a confirmation email from us within 24-48 hours:

  • Confirming that your account has been frozen
  • Specifying the start and end date of the account freezing
  • Confirming that you will be automatically removed from all marketing lists for the self exclusion period
  • The necessary process required to re-open your account after a self exclusion period
  • Extensive support and responsible gambling information to help you tackle your problems

During the access control period you will not be able to login to your account, but will be able to contact customer support to withdraw any funds in your account.

Please note that you have a responsibility to not attempt to keep playing or reopen your account once you have requested to use any of our Access Control tools, which may take 24-48 hours to be put into effect. If you notice that an Access Control tool has not functioned correctly and you are for whatever reason able to access your account and continue to deposit and/or play, please immediately notify customer support who will act quickly to freeze your account and take the appropriate measures.

If you require further information or feel you may have a gambling issue please contact our 24/7 support team and one of our trained staff will be happy to assist you.

You can contact us on the following numbers:

UK 0808 238 6049 (Freephone)
International number +350 200 44793
Click here to email us.

We're here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.